Wednesday, July 1, 2009


You know with our fast paced lifestyles, sometimes we lose touch with the most important things, one of them being food. We forget how to cook, how to look after ourselves, nourish ourselves....or sometimes we just need a new repertoire. If this is happening to you, then make a change seek out someone that can help, there are so many amazing wholefood cooking classes in this wonderful place, Melbourne. We have compiled this short based on recommendations, the best form of advertising.

In Ballarat and Melbourne, there is Thrive Foods, run by Michelle Russell, she believes in A wholesome, sustainable and healthful life can be fun, simple and invigorating. She has come highly recommended. Her website is

Another cooking class that comes highly recommended is Sandra Dubs, she is the Oz Food Trainer, she specialises in wholesome wholefoods, her website is

In the Dandenongs, there is an amazing naturopath, Kate O'Dwyer who does seasonal cooking classes, her phone number is 9761 9675.

For a worldly culinary adventure there is Semillas kitchen, check her out at .

If you want to learn to prepare organic raw fresh foods, call us and we can give you some numbers to call and if you can suggest some to mention, please let us know.

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