Monday, June 22, 2009

Eveyone can afford to eat organic

The reality is that everyone can eat organic foods,organic foods are not that expensive. If you look and compare you will see that the price of organic foods (from the organic empire ;-) vs conventional foods from the supermarket, that alot of the time the prices are not that different. Organic's are sometimes the same price.
1. So the first thing to do is to break your dependancy on the supermarket chains, great creative look elsewhere for your fresh produce, research online home delivery services, retail outlets, farmers markets or better still plant some fresh produce in your yard, and if you are limited with space, in some pots. (Contact us if you want some advice or some organic heritage seeds.

Where there is a will there is a way!!!!
2. Stick to what is in season, for example at the moment, pumpkin is a great price, so eat pumpkin, breakfast, lunch and tea,(Ok so maybe I took that a little far), but you get it, eat what nature provides for us according to the seasons. Of course if you want mango's in the middle of winter they are going to cost a good portion of your food budget, becuase they just dont grow around here is winter.

3. Keep away from processed and packaged foods,even if they are organic. Fill yourself up with vitamins and minerals from fresh produce. Eat how nature intended, it will also save you money in doctors bills later on. Eat well to live well!

Asthma and Allergies

Allergies & Asthma

Change is in the Air
Spring is often thought of as the time for allergies, but really any change of season can trigger allergies and asthma. But what is it about moving into autumn & winter that gets you itching and sneezing? For many people a drop in the temperature is enough of a trigger, and when the humidity drops the air becomes drier and is more likely to irritate a sensitive respiratory system. You may be bringing winter clothes out of storage in moth balls and dust is being stirred up. All of these and more could trigger your allergies or asthma. In our practice we have been investigating new natural solutions to provide greater relief from allergy symptoms than ever before.

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at!
While allergy and asthma appear to be caused by outside triggers, such as dust, pollen, dry air and stressful events, the underlying problem actually lies within us. Both allergy and asthma occur when a particular part of our immune system is out of balance. Our immune system is designed to protect us from infections and to keep us healthy. Allergy occurs when your immune system mistakes something that is normally harmless as being a threat to you and while “protecting” you from it, creates a strong inflammatory response. This inflammatory response is what produces the symptoms that you experience as allergy. In asthma this inflammation presents as difficulty breathing or may trigger an asthma attack.

Breathe Easy; Help is at Hand
Many of us know licorice as a confectionery, but did you know that licorice is a very effective herb for the treatment of allergy and asthma? Licorice is an immune regulator, meaning that it helps to bring a wayward immune system back into balance. Licorice is particularly helpful at relieving all types of allergy as well as asthma, because it addresses the underlying immune problem in these conditions. Importantly, you won’t get this same effect from just eating the lolly; you need the strong herbal formula to do the trick. In addition there are herbs that can prevent and treat eczema, dermatitis, itching skin and eyes and hay fever which tells us that their benefit actually comes from correcting the underlying immune problem. Herbs do not just suppress symptoms, but create real healing, genuinely improving your health.

We have the Skills and Experience to Help You
So whether you need help with occasional hay fever or suffer with persistent asthma or irritating dermatitis, we have the formula to help you. As your naturopath I have the experience and skills to prescribe the most suitable treatment for your needs and help you to understand how to achieve your health potential. Call today to make an appointment to review your immune health and discuss what can be done to keep you in top shape.

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