Friday, September 11, 2009


'No undertaking is difficult if pursued with perserverance' Phillipine Proverb

Well if you are reading this, you are perservering... Hopefully you are looking at your healthy goals daily, and taking action.

So today the focus is on staying committed, staying power. Enough cannot be said for the power of perserverance in acheiving anything and everything. It is the difference between healthy and sick and fit or fat.

You see, perserverance is getting up at 6 to go for a walk because you know that if you don't get up then, you will not, it is deciding to drink water instead of coke and studying instead of watching TV, its going on despite the set backs we all have. Perserverance is deciding that once you set your goal, you will acheive it. So today I am here to encourage you to stay committed, DONT GIVE UP, even when it seems too hard, remember what the goal is, if at first you fail try and try again, look for progress, pat yourself on the back...

Tip for today: Try stretching before your undertake any exercise, this encourages the body to release synovial fluid from the joints, this means that the joints become more lubricated. This lubrication facilitates easier joint movement and less injuries, in fact the majority of joint injuries can be alleviated by warming up correctly before exercising. Maybe even try warming up as soon as you wake up. Look after your body, nuture it.

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