Monday, August 17, 2009

Time for a detox.

With spring nearly upon its a great time to spring clean the house and and the body. Marissa from MELBOURNE NATUROPATHIC WELLNESS, talks about detoxing.

The benefits of a detox program
Will You Benefit From a Detox?
Do you lead an incredibly busy life? Would you like to feel more healthy and alive? Would you like to look and feel younger? Would you like to have clearer skin? Would you like to have less body odour, bloating or flatulence? Do you want improved concentration and focus?

If you answered “Yes” to more than two of these questions then a detox program will benefit you. You won’t believe how great you can feel!

Why Do People Need a Detox?
Everyday 700,000 tonnes of chemicals and toxins are released into our environment. These chemicals and toxins can then be ingested through the food and drinks you consume, you may absorb them through your skin, and you may breathe them in. Lifestyle choices have a big impact on your body’s toxicity, with alcohol, smoking, fast food, artificial sweeteners and sweets particularly taking their toll. Yet even when living in the cleanest environment, your body produces its own toxins daily through normal processes. Your digestive system and liver need to neutralize and eliminate these toxins in order to keep you healthy and feeling your best. If your ability to process toxins is compromised, they can build up in your body, leaving you feeling tired, with headaches, aches and pains, prone to infections, body odour, digestive symptoms or experiencing many other effects. Reducing the toxins in your body can resolve many of these issues, leaving you healthier and happier.

What Does Detox Mean?
When you do a detox, you simply support your digestive system and liver in their ability to process toxins, allowing them to do the best possible job to keep you healthy. Unfortunately many of the detox packages that are available for purchase only do half the job – they support the liver, but do nothing for your digestive system. To get the greatest benefits, you need to follow a detox program that has been specifically designed to address your needs.

The Right Program for You
There is no one detox plan that suits everyone. Your detox program should be designed to suit your needs. You may need specific support for your stomach or intestinal digestion to help settle bloating and ensure you are absorbing the nutrients you are given. If you are on certain medications I will tailor your detox such that these are not adversely affected. A urine sample allows an accurate assessment of your digestive toxicity and to monitor your progress throughout the program. This way you’ll actually be able to see the detox difference as well as feeling better.

Delicious Detox Dining
Doing a detox does not mean eating dull, flavourless food. Recipes are available in a booklet as part of your detox package.
1800 606 256 to arrange a time to discuss how a detox will benefit you and to get started on your individualised program.

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