Monday, September 7, 2009


'the most certain way to succeed is always just to try just one more time' Thomas Edison

So I hope that you are still with us, committed and taking action. Today we are going to look at ways to handle stress, its often when we are faced with stress, we retreat back to our old ways. Lets get past this, the first thing would be to recognise it, recognise the self talk that says, 'its too hard-lets retreat'.
1. Stop and be conscious, take a deep breathe. Breathe in and decide in that moment to believe that you can do it.
2. Get rational or irrational, which ever works best for you. Work out what the actual problem is, then brainstorm 20 ways in which you can change it to get the outcome that you are after.
3. If you can't control the situation, learn to let it go. There is no use in holding onto situations that you can't change.

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