Monday, February 8, 2010

Here’s to our local farmers

Regional or local food production is imperative collaborative efforts to build more self reliant food economies that are sustainable, require little transportation, and provide the freshest produce. They provide a somewhat ideal system of food production and serves as an alternative to the many big corporate companies that provide food to the masses but also serve to separate the consumer from the farmer, resulting in food travelling many miles to reach you!!!

So what is local, everyone has their own definition of what local is, but when we use the term local, we refer to a 100 mile radius, but more than likely less than 50 miles. The basic concept is simple; we predominately support producers/farmers who grow close to us.

So imagine if you could source your produce that was not only local, but sustainable. The majority of our fresh produce is local, at the moment it's around 87%......and all of our produce is sustainable, grown organically… it really doesn't get much better than that, supporting our local farmers and nourishing your body with the freshest organic produce.

Essentially, local sustainable farming benefits the local community in so many ways,

  • Supporting the environment that we live in, thus ensuring that we have a clean healthy environment for our children and ourselves.
  • Enriching the soil and protecting water and air quality

  • Massive reduction in fossil fuel use, through transportation and also conventional farming uses as much as 40% of the fossil fuels used in food production. Another reason to go organic.
  • Massive difference in taste, local food is harvested when it's ripe. So this means that the flavours have developed naturally
  • Increased health and nutrition
  • Reduction in food miles

WE are not all fortunate enough to live amongst farming districts, hence the development of the Organic Empire, serving you with local organic fare from farm gate to your door, it really doesn't get much better or fresher than that…. Check out the price list, and look for the logo below next to the item to see if it's coming locally.

Get healthier, get more sustainable, get local and GO ORGANIC EMPIRE.

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