Monday, March 8, 2010

Eating the seasons

Eating the seasons is about eating local, eating fresh and eating organic, and that's what we are all about. It doesn't need to be complicated or restrictive, rather delicious and adventurous. So let's look at 10 reasons why eating seasonally is better for you, the environment and everyone...

  1. Seasonal food is tastier.
  2. Seasonal food is fresher.
  3. Seasons are a source of natural diversity; they provide us with foods that warm us in winter and foods that cool us off in summer (watermelon).
  4. The more diverse our diet from natural foods the increased nutrient intake, eating seasonally does this, it offers us a spectrum of foods
  5. Avoid paying a premium for produce that has travelled hundreds of miles
  6. Reducing energy consumption and CO2 that is needed to grow and transport.
  7. Food is grown and ripened in a more natural and ecologically sound way, using the sun for heat, and rain for water rather than using artificial and alternative ways to mimic these natural processes.
  8. Best price, because it is seasonal, you are guaranteed to find it at a great price when it is in abundance.
  9. Supports the local economy
  10. The ability to reconnect with nature's cycles and rhythms.

    So check out our seasonal lists and get a seasonal box of organic produce delivered to your door.

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