Monday, June 28, 2010

Palm Oil the most expensive oil

Palm oil is the derivative of the palm tree, grown in the tropical forests of Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea (PNG). This product is used as a 'cheap' fat in the manufacturer of 1000's of products, and is contained in around 40% of products on supermarket shelves.

The problem with palm oil is not so much the quality of oil, or its processes in the body, but the severe damage that is occurring due to its production.

In South East Asia alone, every hour the equivalent of 300 football fields of pristine forests are decimated to produce this oil, this equates to the death of an average 50 orangutans a week and the death of countless tigers in addition to the destruction of our forest's, and local industry. 90% of their habitat has already been destroyed.

All hope is not lost though, we are refusing to stock, sell, eat, taste, wash with any products that contain palm oil and you can do the same…

Three things that you can do right now to foster positive change in our bodies and the world

Check out this documentary

Sign this petition to ensure that FSANZ establish standards that require the mandatory labeling of all foods containing Palm oil. By doing this you can make educated purchases and vote with your dollars. This great initiative is being driven by Zoo's Victoria. Sign it here

Check your labels, if the type of fat used is not specified contact the manufacturer and find out.

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