Monday, September 6, 2010

Make a spring change

Spring is the best time to embark on a new journey, making for a lighter journey, healthier, cleaner, happier life. Reducing the toxic burden on your body can improve digestion, increase energy, clear up sinus problems, and make you feel better! So throw the windows open on your body, it doesn't have to be drastic, small incremental changes are the way to go…


Throw out the sugars and fried foods, refined, processed, packaged, these foods rob your body of vitamins and minerals and give back very little in terms of health, energy and vitality.

If your mind doesn't know what it is you can be pretty certain that your body doesn't know what to do with it.. learn to read labels.

Drink WATER, this is the most important nutrient that we can intake, so get to it, drink regularly.

Increase your vegetable intake; try a new vegetable every week. Mix it up add vegetable to every dish that you eat.

Get active, go outside smell the crisp outdoor air, and improve your circulation, your head space and your ability to deal with problems.

Simple changes result in significant results, more energy and vitality, and a feeling of contentment.

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