Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hello everyone, I would love to introduce a fantastic non for profit group called Yaubula. Yaubula is a group of amazing individuals that are commited to sustainable and healthy future of the earth and its inhabitants. They channel the funds to support sustainable development projects globally. They have combined with some amazing individuals from around Victoria, notable chefs, farmers, producers, winemakers, gardeners and everyday people who are tackling environmental issues through to create The Sustainable Table. This is a fabulous addition to any kitchen, packed with inspiration, great recipes, advice and ways to be a conscious foodie including seasonal charts, foods to avoid and so much more. It even has a entry from our own Angela Gioffre, from the Organic Empire. Check out the promo here.

This the best CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER, its the gift that keeps on giving. Want a buy a copy for delivery before christmas. Email us and the book is yours for only $39.95, wrapped in brown paper with a gift easy to be healthy and green. 100% of all profits goes back into supporting YAUBULA.

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