Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our new website

Hey y'all, you have to come and check out our new website, full of great recipes, easy shopping and the freshest local organic foods, the majority of which are coming straight from the farm.
Today we included some organic purple heirloom carrots in the boxes, this what all carrots were like until the 1500's, high in antioxidants, these are touted as a superfood.

The new website development means that we will be posting more recipes onto that site, with occasional recipe posts here. I would love to use this blogging platform to explore the wide world of food, customs, traditions, tastes, nutrition and everything else that accompanies food on this journey we call life.

Love to hear your thoughts, experiences and all things food too....

This cold weather makes me wonder what warmth ever looked like, or how I could ever want to eat watermelon again....I find myself craving warm soups, anything substantial, which is a far cry from my usual fare of raw foods. Its at this time of year that warming soups and cooked foods make their way into my diet. 30% is my rule of thumb, still feel good and nourished.

So what's happening in your kitchen, what do you feel like eating, what do you want that you feel you shouldn't have. Our relationship with food is such an interesting topic to delve into, it is actually consuming (pardon the pun), and as much as we deny it, it has a place in every encounter we have, food is always at the centre of everything (and anything in my world anyway). And rightly so, food is what keeps us alive, keeps us warm, keeps our blood pumping and in alot of ways keeps us happy. I have written before about putting love into food, but sometimes I feel like food puts love in me. There is nothing like having a delicious meal, being so satisfied with every mouthful and so content, but yet yearning for more. That is love, mmm that is life


  1. Hello, i have just found your blog via a google search for organic food. your new website looks great...easy to read & some wonderful and refreshing info.

    i live in northern nsw and have a great backyard kitchen garden on a small suburban block where i can harvest plenty of organic produce.

    so anyway, i just wanted to say hi & i look forward to following your blog and see your business grow.

    best, nikki

  2. Hi Nikki

    Thanks so much for connecting and your lovely feedback. Love to hear about your backyard garden too, what are you growing?