Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wow, so there is only 5 days left till Christmas, and so much to do...I am not sure about you, but I have list's everywhere... First priority at Christmas in our family is always food, we relish daily in gathering to enjoy amazing food, but Christmas just intensifies this experience and inspires the greatest of culinary feasts. We enjoy the whole day together, gathering for both lunch and dinner.

The traditions and food of this time of the year are ingrained in our cells, with the most divine regional dishes being prepared lovingly by each family and brought to the table for all to devour. Its indulgent and divine, but this time of the year it also does something amazing for the soul. It nourishes the soul as much as it does the body. That is the biggest blessing of Christmas, and the truth is that food prepared and shared with love has the capacity to do this.

The power of food should never be under estimated, it truly does have the ability to bind people as much as it does to destroy them, and this is on so many levels. I can speak from my own experience when I can say that our family comes together gathering to enjoy food daily and if the food tastes amazing, the experience is heightened, the body more nourished and the bodies cells more receptive.

Traditions formed around food preparation are some of the best, and are something that should be passed down from generation to generation. These skills, historically are what have formed our societies, our health and our lives, so this Christmas, I urge you to share, a delicious dish, pass on an amazing recipe and make your food with love(and fresh organic ingredients). I would like to start the ball rolling sharing some of our family favourites....

melanganie-Melanzane Sotto'olio this is the most divine dish that my grandmother makes most weekends for me to devour. Its raw, eggplant and delicious. You can have this with everything or by itself.

dried figs -Walnuted figs- these are the simplest of sweets and are great for Christmas or anytime of the year. Don't underestimate the flavour of simple foods

stretching -Fragole al vino- Organic strawberries and wine.. sounds peciuliar but is so delicious

Head to our recipe book for so many more ideas....

There is something else that I think is really important this Christmas and that is to be grateful for the amazing people that we have to share this festive season with, how blessed are we to have the access to divine foods, but to be able to share them with people that we love, this is truly the essence of life. At the root of everything this is all that matters when you strip away all the distractions, food and people are all that matter, because with your health and food to eat and people..anything is possible.

On that note we wish to express our gratitute to you..We are so grateful for all the support that you all provide for us, your support means that we spread organic goodness further. We make the world a healthier better place as you do! We are so grateful that you care enough to eat the best, that you nourish yourselves and those you love with organic food. We are so grateful to be able to serve you. Check out our farm news for a new way that we are going to be able to serve you in 2012.

We have a special gift for you all this week, in your boxes you will find a hand made eco pot, seeded and ready for you to plant. Simply plant your little pot in the ground and watch it grow. It is biodegradable, organic seeds and a little way we can give you a little of our hearts, a little of our farm and feed you whilst we are on holidays.
Due to the craziness of this period, we ask that you get your orders in as soon as possible prior to Wednesday for delivery this week. Be sure to stock your fridge full of our freshest organic produce, it will last well and truly into the next week or two. We have the freshest local produce, picked virtually the day of delivery or day before, this ensures absolute freshness and amazing taste.

The summer holidays are such a brilliant time just to take time and we have decided to close from December 23rd and return to trade on Monday 30th January and although this is an unusually extended break we believe that holidays are just as important as working and thus we must rest ourselves and our staff. We will take this time to work on the farm and develop ways to serve you all better as well as catch a little Vitamin D. During this time we will spasmodically send out our newsletters to keep you informed, eating well and living well.

Farm News-Scattagnolo

So this week we announce some amazing news, during the Christmas break we will be renovating our farm store. This will be opening in early 2012, a gorgeous original 1930's organic store in the Yarra Valley. We so look forward to welcoming you and once open please feel free to come and pick up your organics every week, have an organic juice with us and get out and about! Please stay tuned for more information, and check it out here....


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