Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Growing Change

So I often don't get time to watch much Television, which I think is quite a blessing.  Occasionally though I will sit, rather hesitantly to watch some amazing shows... Growing Change is one of them.  I thought it necessary to open the conversation....
What do you believe in?  Do you believe that humans and life on this planet are meant to thrive without mass corporations controlling our world...with people in charge of our most important and our lives
Do you think that humans are capable of producing their own food?? Do you think that we are capable of pure health I do, do you think that our food need to be grown with oil based fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides I DON'T..I believe in clean food produced by people; farmers .
Why do we poison our waterways?, make extinct so much life?  think its ok to patent our food, to create sterile seeds? to genetically modify our foods?  Why do we give control of our lives to mass corporations that grow our food with chemicals that make us sick then medicate the masses with more toxins.
I believe that we can live the best life with good clean food, grown organically, I believe that we can change, that everyone can have access to food, health giving food...
When people are healthy, they think better, with clarity, we can create a new world, one where hunger and famine don't exist, free of disease, full of possibilities....let's get to it!  Lets get informed, speak up, connect with others, eat well, feed those you love well with organic fresh produce..


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