Saturday, January 14, 2012

How lucky we are.....

I have come to realise how blessed we are to live in Melbourne, I will admit as an avid traveller, actually more of a gastronomic traveller its always about the food and my recent journey within Australia , to Sydney actually has affirmed the superiority of Victorian food . This is not a cheap shot, it's a reality! Victorian food is fresher, generally of a superior quality and the price Is substantially better...this is disheartening as much as it is endearing for our farmers. My latest journey has reinforced the definite need to have fresh food that is financially accessible to everyone. Everyone needs to be able to afford fresh foods, this is paramount to fostering a healthy community; and a healthy world.
Melbourne's fresh food is truly affordable! We really should count our lucky stars, I know that the quality of Victoria food is revered the world over but its not until you step outside the comforts of our border can you truly appreciate the value and privilege of our food. It tastes better, and is better.
Just a bit of interesting information...the majority of fresh organic food in Sydney comes from our Victoria farmers...that's how good we have it!

 My wish for you this year is that you choose fresh local organic foods over dry processed packaged foods, because often when people are watching their dollar, they choose these foods to provide satiety, but its the fresh foods that give life, I hope that you realise how blessed we are to have all that we have, to enjoy your foods, to savor every bite and eat more live fresh foods because we are amongst the luckiest people on this earth.
We head back to work on the the 30th January and we have for you growing right now the freshest organic foods to deliver to nourish you and your families, we look forward to serving you then xx

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