Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ethical Meat

So in light of today's media coverage of an abattoir in Sydney, in which animals were beat prior to slaughter has heavily reinforced the need for us as a community to become more connected with our food.  Its such a tragedy that these creatures are killed so inhumanely, in a country with enough knowledge and resources to make more informed choices, instead choosing willed ignorance.  The mistreatment of these defenceless animals is just another example of the problems associated with mass business riddled with moral and ethical ambiguities.  It hasn't always been this way, in a time before mine, families reared loved and killed their own animals, only taking what they could eat, with integrity and respect for the animal.  This symbiotic relationship equated to healthy animals, and healthy people.  On a recent trip to Italy we visited my aunties farm, where she keeps pigs.  Everyday we would go and visit the pigs, where she would feed them, rub them and kiss them.  Perplexed, I asked her why she was kissing her pigs, and as absurd as it may seem, she proceeded to inform me it was because she loved them.  I told her that perhaps you could love a pig, but she didn't need to kiss it. She answered she loved the pig because it would feed her. The penny dropped, this profound respect for the pig, her connection with the animal meant that the love that reared and worshiped it would take it's life with integrity.  This makes me wonder, if we all had to look after the animals which we wished to eat, how different our lives would be.  Its also a realisation that this disconnectedness with our food creates the world in which we live, where animals can be beaten before slaughter, that can cry for their fellow creatures when they see them killed on the kill floor. Is it not enough that they have given their lives to be consumed by humans?

The truth is we vote for the world we want with every dollar we spend.  Demand ethical treatment of animals, demand a world where your food is produced humanely.

Do you think that humans have the right to treat animals badly? You owe it to yourself, as well as to the animals to make informed choices.   What are the consequences of your eating decisions? Trace your food, can you find a farmer that loves and cares for his animals?  If you are aware of a local farm in Victoria that we should all know about, please let us know, comment below.  Thanks

PETA.  People for the ethical treatment of animals
Humane Society


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