Monday, April 16, 2012

Eat well, go organic...

Hope that this email finds you fabulous and recovered from the Easter madness.  We have so much organic health and goodness to help you either way. I'm not sure where you are right now, but where ever that is, I believe that there is always some room for improvement.  Whether that be including more raw foods into your diet to help increase overall nutrition, health, energy and happiness and increasing muscle mass which is important for so many things, including improving metabolism, strengtening connective tissue, and bone density.  Now I am no expert on personal training, but I am in food and nutrition and this week, we have some sensational people in their fields that want to educate and empower YOU!  (FOR FREE!).  
What about an opportunity to hear Mr Universe Billy Simmonds, speak on fitness, health and veganism, or raw living foods chef Ace Rosengarten talk all things raw delicious foods teaching some amazing skills in food preparation.  Well come listen to them both....
RUSU REALFOODS, RMIT University, City Campus, 360 Swanston St, Foodcourt (Building 8, Level 4) Melbourne
I know that its more challenging in this colder weather to get out and move your body, and sometimes feed ourselves best when all we crave is comfort, but there are so many foods that can warm you from the inside out and so many exercises we can do in our homes to maintain fitness. So this week that's what we are all about....continuously always in optimum nutrition and making everyday our best day.  This is a result of eating the best food you have available at anytime, that is organic farm fresh local foods..ours...
This week we are going to talk healthy comfort foods, sharing recipes hint and tips. Join us on FACEBOOK.  
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Well this wet weather in conjuction with sunshine means that our beautiful vegies are getting a nice water as well as heat.  We have quite a few new lines this week
For conisseurs of chestnuts, this is your week with an abundance of local chestnuts harvested this week.  Roast them for the most divine flavour.
Organic Leeks are sensational quality at the moment and make for a delicious soup.
Both Organic Butternut and Jap pumpkin, have amazing flavour at such an amazing price.
Organic red chilli's are available this week, perfect for adding a little heat to your dish.
The excellent growing conditions means that all our varieties of apples will be of great quality with Fuji, Granny Smith, being harvested.
Buerre Bosc pears are great ripe or unripe, if you prefer a firmer, yet still sweet pear, this variety is perfect.
If you are a fan of Kale, it has been so spectacular lately and tasting even better.  Kale is one of the most nutritional vegetables around and we encourage you all to try it. 

"Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart. "
Gene Tunney

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