Monday, August 24, 2009

I am not against progression

Its just that i truly believe that somethings have been perfected over time, things that we trying to hamper with, to improve, to change. I suppose mainly I am talking about our food, but then this progression transcends everywhere. In an attempt to understand everything, we see an opportunity to change it, to put our own stamp on it, patent it.

My gripe is with food, nature has created truly amazing ways to nourish our bodies, everything that we need is obtained from the foods that we eat. Although the mechanisms are quite astonishing to understand, its quite simple in theory. All the nourishment we need we can get from the food that we eat providing that we have high quality organic foods, ample water, exercise, we don't need to fill our bodies with tablets full of vitamin c, or a or see when we give our bodies what they need, they work how they are meant to.

And there is also a theory, a well studied one, that says if we poison our foods, we poison ourselves. Mass producing food is great in theory and it has served its purpose through time, but through education we know that there is a better way. Its allowing mother nature to grow as she has done for millions of years, its not implanting a capsicum with fish genes so that it will make it more resistant to pesticides. I think that instead of putting our focus onto how can we poison our environment and ourselves more, we should focus on how can we nourish ourselves and foster a sustainable environment.

So in changing our foods, through GM crops, of 'natural breeding', we change the natural make-up of these foods, and although the repercussion's wont be instantaneous, believe me they will be apparent in time. Did you know that the bees are dying in the US from the pesticides and exposure to GM crops, did you know that they are importing Australian bees to remedy this.... without the bees, there are no crops. I could seriously talk about this till the cows come home, but it seems we are poisoning them to, so maybe they won't.

There are things that we can all do, firstly know the power of your pocket, we vote with our money, we tell the companies what we want according to how we spend our money. So get conscious, is what you are purchasing sustainable? is it grown organically? has it been engineered in a lab?

Get vocal, get educated, think about it, talk about it... get feedback, make up your own mind, but get educated about it. Look at what is happening with Monsanto worldwide. Look what is happening in your own backyard? Did you know that some states in Australia(Victoria being one of them) have allowed for GM crops to be grown in our beautiful country....

I dont talk of this to scare you, but to empower you to make the best decisons for your body, your family and our planet.....

Consult your local council, check out the True food network,
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