Monday, August 15, 2011

Childhood Obesity- New initiative

The Victorian government has this morning announced a $40 million program to end childhood obesity in Victoria with staggering figures that have found that one in four children are obese or overweight. This is sad and scarey, never before in history have we seen nations suffering from these tremendous weight problems, with Australia leading the way with the highest rates of obesity per capita....

The initiatives include:

A research centre that will evaluate health programs in schools and other early childhood centres.

Policies implemented to guide the social, physical and emotional health of young people

Awards programs for schools, recognising excellence in health and food service to children

Cooking classes for adults and children

Various social marketing and public education engagements

I don't know that we need to complicate things though, this all just comes back to food, the importance of teaching children about food and nourishing them with healthy food is the only way that we can curb this. Childhood obesity is not just about being a 'bigger' kid, there are so many health problems associated with excess weight,cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes can be the reality of a unhealthy lifestyle.

Its also at this point that I think that Junk food should be heavily taxed, making real food more affordable in comparision. The real change will happen then, when it becomes harder and expensive to eat 'processed, inert foods'.

We agree that the value of educating children on good food is and should be our highest priority, what can you do at home, find our more here.

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  1. There is a huge differnce between obesity and a child that is chubby....most of these 'chubby' children thin down as pubity starts. Children can be encouraged to par take in sport etc but should NEVER be told they are over weight and need to excersize...that could so easily lead to a child being over concerned about their weight and lead to a life time eating disorder. Wouldn't you agree????

  2. I most certainly agree, never should a child be made to feel bad about their weight, let alone any other attribute, but ADULTS need to set an example, adults need to move and eat well. Children just replicate what they see and experience and they need to be encouraged to take part in life!
    There is a great divide between chubby and obesity, and a little weight can be beneficial for good health, obesity on the other hand has no benefits and presents a health hazard for any individual.

  3. Then practice what you preach?

  4. @anonymous isn't that what she is doing? Practicing what she's preaching?