Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saving Money by eating organics

Did you know that buying organic foods can save you money... what you say...lets clear up a few things.

We know the better you eat the healthier you are, the healthier you are, less you will need to visit the doctor, so first savings on doctors bills, second on medications. Organically grown food is your best way of reducing exposure to toxins used in conventional agricultural practices.

The more nutrient dense your food the less your body needs, note here I said nutrient dense not energy dense (by this I mean highly processed, sugared, inert foods), so you effectively get more carrot for your carrot. Organic foods are nutritionally superior to conventionally grown produce as a rule, 41 studies on organic foods have concluded
  • 27% more vitamin C
  • 21.1% more iron
  • 29.3% more magnesium
  • 13.6% more phosphorus

Eating seasonally will save you money, buy in bulk, and preserve. Buying organic in season can be cheaper than buying conventional, especially if you purchase from Organic Empire.


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