Monday, January 30, 2012

We are back!!! Time to reinvigorate your diet

We are so happy to be back...  Its a new year,  a new beginning.  To be honest though I like to look at everyday as a new opportunity to make change, to make life better, to get healthier, to get happier.  Let's take this day as a new chance to make our lives everything we ever dreamed of, and to be real  the only way that most of our dreams can be achieved is with health.  It's the truest wealth.

I began my journey with health improvement, way back when I was 7  when I became a vegetarian for the first time, at 14 my mum made dramatic changes in our diets.   We were not unwell when my mum made these change, we were probably just like the majority of the population, fed, full and unaware.  Since that time my journey in life has been predominately an obsession with good health.  Now as a nutritionist I have the privelidge of having an academic education with which to impart knowledge to you all.  I am truly committed to living in optimal health and sharing that with you.  Its possible for everyone, its not just a dream.  We can all live healthy, happy lives and I want to help you do that.

So lets get to it, what is it going to take for you to be healthier, do you need to increase your energy? immunity? lose weight? increase stamina? sex drive? Interestingly these can all be improved with good nutrition, organic food and knowledge. And we want to show you how.

The first thing that needs to happen for change to take place is a decision, so today make that decision.  Write it down and commit to it. Write it in present tense, for example
'I am strong, fit and healthy, I nourish my body with the best organic foods, I live the healthiest life'. or ' I fit into my favourite dress by 1st March 2012', set a date.  Get committed and get to it!

STEP 1. Download our menu planner today and get organised, choose your meals (rather than choosing the non healthy variety of food because you are starving), check out our recipes for different ideas, plan it out.
STEP 2. Order your fresh organic produce and groceries online now.
STEP 3. Every day remember your goal, keep it fun, organise your time and make some delicious food, pack your own lunch, decide on your own destiny (just to let you know the majority of fast food outlets are not too interested in preserving your health, so you must be!).
STEP 4. Move your body, a 20 minute walk a day is a great start, see where you end up from there.
STEP 5.  Be grateful to be alive, we are truly so blessed to have amazing organic foods available to us, we have a real opportunity to nourish ourselves and everyone we love, promoting a beautiful life.  Share your food wisdom with people you know, let's get this world a healthier place.

Let me share with you my goal, I have a desire to change people's lives 
for the better to make them healthier, which in turn makes people happier= a better life for everyone.  I know the importance of good nutrition, from a scientific standpoint, but also as a fellow citizen of the human race, we all see what eating well does, and on the other end of the spectrum what poisioning our bodies with substances disguised as food does.


Ok so after much deliberation, we have decided to change the way we serve you.  We are continually researching new ways we can serve you better, and ensure that your produce is delivered at its best, and that you are happy and we think we have found the answer.  So please read on for changes to our deliveries.

We have a NEW Delivery Schedule, please check your delivery day.  
This means that the cut off time for delivery to your area has changed, please be sure to check and ensure that you order before the cut off times.  
It's best to order as soon as possible, to ensure that you receive your delivery, or do one better and sign up for our seasonal boxes and get a box of the freshest local organic produce delivered, without having to do anything!

We have decided to do away with the paper newsletters for the moment, in an attempt to become more ecologically sound we wish to direct you to our website  weekly for menu's and recipes.

Renovations are nearly complete on our farm store, what that means is that you can come out to the farm and purchase your goods straight from us. We will let you know closer to the opening date.

We are also excited to announce that we will be opening an Seasonal organic food school, where we will have a host of amazing raw food chef's, nutritionists, cooks and artisians sharing their wisdom with you. Stay tuned for a schedule of events.

"Be willing to be a beginner every single morning
Meister Eckhart 


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