Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Get back to basics

Its amazing how quickly the weather can change, in the blink of eye its gone from being warm and sunny, to wet and humid.  It's these weather conditions that bring with it its own challenges, increased humidity means some crops prosper other wither, and if we were to imagine that this weather change was quite permananet that would mean that the crops that used to grow in our regions, would no longer, or certain pests would flourish attacking our crops.  What am I getting at you may ask...  the importance of crop diversity and indeed earth biodiversity, you see at the moment four food crops provide half the worlds food energy requirements, they are rice, corn, wheat and potato, and in the last century we have lost over 75% of our crop diversity( UN Food and agriculture organisation). Now less than 30 crops feed 95% of the worlds population.  What that translates to is 1000's of varieties of produce lost to a time gone by....it's that same time gone by that share's the wisdom of the Irish potato famine, in which millions of people died as a result of a reliance on a crop that failed.  The potatoes in which was the staple of their diet's.  
This is called monoculture farming, agricultural practices of growing a singular crop.  This kind of farming is more susceptible to devastation from pests and other factors. So imagine what would happen if the world over was growing the same strains of seeds..sounds crazy, but its true and its happening.  Writer Michael Polllan maintains that 'preserving biodiversity is like an insurance policy, by growing multiple varieties of a crop, we increase the chances that if one fails, another will have the genetic traits that enable it to thrive.'  Its this diversity that we as consumers need to preserve, for our health and for the health of every generation to come.  Sounds dire..it is.
So get to it, we've got 6 EASY ways to preserve the biodiversity of our food and get back to basics.

This week I want to share with you some of my families traditional recipes, please feel free to share yours online on facebook with us all or email them through and we will put them on the website.

So this week, my wish for you is that you mix it up, get outside of the box try new things, new flavours, cuisine, our food is so precious and the culture and food security it represents are worth preserving.

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So Autumn is nearly upon us, and so are all the amazing autumn flavours. 
Zucchini flowers, local and delicious.  Grown in the Yarra Valley and a sensational price. No pesticides, no chemicals 
Organic Leeks, locally grown and fantastic sauteed 
Organic lettuces, coming in from Macclesfield are getting better and better each week. 
Organic Corn, we have a special on local organic corn, this one is only .88c each.  Incredible value, please note that these corns are smaller.

"We human beings are part of 'biodiversity.' We are dependent on the whole food chain down below us."
Darrell Merrell

We thank you for your support as always, we are very grateful that you are making your body healthier, your kids stronger and the world a better place to be.

 Thanks you are awesome, look forward to serving you

Angela Gioffre 
(Your nutritionist) and the team at Organic Empire


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