Monday, June 11, 2012

Create your food future

What a wild and stormy night in Melbourne, Winter is truly here.  We should welcome this with open arms, this cooler weather makes way for some amazing produce and how blessed are we in Melbourne to have all the seasons to enjoy in one year and mostly in one day.
This amazing weather slows down the world of food, with heavy rains slowing down growth, this is not necessarily a bad thing its just how nature rolls.  Either way at the moment, its great for building ark's, if that's your thing.  My thing is marveling and devouring amazing food, I love it, it truly makes my heart sing, there are only a few things in this world that can do that, people, food and beauty...and I can have all those things with food, it has an amazing ability to bring people together, and when its fresh organic food, it nourishes on a cellular level as well as on a soul level.  
Today in the background I heard a report,  it was about how the larger food corporations are shaping the future of our food in Australia (this is not a new discussion) and for that moment my heart sunk, 'this was a tragedy, how can anybody make those choices for us... then I had a moment of clarity...they can't, we are completely in control of creating the world we want, by voting for the future with our dollars, you see these corporations would not be investing in conventional agricultural systems if the greater society spent their dollars on sustainable, life giving systems.... organic systems.  
I want there to be a future where food can move people, with its taste, nutrition and life.  Where biodiversity exists and where people are healthy and happy and I need your help to do this.  No man is an island (although if these rains continue, my property may become one), my request is that this week, you preach the virtues of organic food, share your food with those you love, teach them about the power of good food and mostly sit and enjoy yours...its truly a blessing and you share your blessing everytime you do this because you create a healthier world.. 

Just some interesting organic information for your perusal:

Organic food can contain up to 40% more vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown food.  That equates to more carrot in your carrot. With one U.S. study finding that organic food contained 63 per cent more calcium, 73 per cent more iron, 125 per cent more potassium and 60 per cent more zinc than conventionally grown food, as well as 25 per cent less of the toxic element mercury.

The EPA released figures which show that 60% of all herbicides, 90% of all fungicides and 30% of all insecticides are carcinogenic. 
That kind of information is worth sharing...


Ian from Beenak Farm dropped over some amazing organic/biodynamic kiwi fruit to the farm this week...  They are amazing, allow them to ripen at room temperature, then chill.
Corn is back this week, albeit a little pricey.  It is still super sweet, and makes a perfect snack.
Tumeric is really in this week, we have an abundance available.  Add it to your juice for some amazing life giving properties.
Some of you may have noticed the curly kale making its way into your boxes, if you prefer the Cavello Nero/Black kale, please let us know.  The curly kale is biodynamically grown in the Yarra Valley and is so beautiful.




  "To eat is a necessity, but 
to eat intelligently is an art. "
La Rochefoucauld

We thank you for your support as always, we are very grateful that you are making your body healthier, your kids stronger and the world a better place to be.  
 Thanks you are awesome, look forward to serving you, have a healthy week

Angela Gioffre 
(Your nutritionist) and the team at Organic Empire XXX

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