Monday, May 20, 2013

Carbing out, the lowdown on carbs

Carbohydrates have such a bad reputation, touted to be the greatest evil and for the majority of the western world, there is good reason to avoid them because most of the carbohydrates in the standard western fare consist of highly refined, and concentrated carbohydrates that are devoid of any nutrition.  The carbohydrates in this form require no digestion, as they enter the body and are assimilated as sugars.  
Removing this essential nutrient, carbohydrates that is, though is truly not in your best interest, its most likely to cause fatigue, moodiness, lack of concentration, increased sweet cravings and weight gain.
But it's not all bad news, you see there are some amazing carbohydrates that provide the body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and unlike the nasty carbs, these carbohydrates provide the body and most importantly the brain with a slow steady stream of glucose.  There's more, the digestion of complex carbohydrates leaves no residual chemicals to be eliminated, once they are broken down, the only wastes are carbon dioxide and oxygen, unlike proteins and fats.  These carbohydrates we speak of will help you lose weight, will help you feel good and will nourish your body.
So let's look at what substitutions we can make....  less desirable for the more desirable, please don't discount these substitutions till you have tried them, especially the ones we have for the pasta.

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