Monday, May 27, 2013

STAY WARM....STAY HAPPY AND HEALTHY Keeping the winter blues at bay

  Its not often that I submit to the idea of winter, each day dressing as if the sun was going to come out, and as illogical that is, it get's me through the colder months...because the truth is that the sun is on it's always is.  The colder months give us an opportunity to go within and close the doors on the past year, just like on the farm its from the darkness that the new seeds grow.  Winter serves us, it enables us to stop and focus, to re-seed, to start again... So use this time to look after you...don't give in to the winter colds and flu's, or the winter blues.
Get outside and get moving
 Make a commitment to your self to spend some time outside everyday, get fresh air circulating through your lungs, absorb some vitamin D, and move your body. Sweat. Breathe deeply.
Breathe through your nose
A large majority of people have a tendency to breathe through their mouth, this bad habit contributes to many associated respiratory problems, reduced CO2 content in alveoli of the lungs, and pathological effects due to suppressed nitric oxide utilisation including bacterial infections, depression and many other ailments. When we breathe through our nose, we utilise out own nitric oxide that is generated in the sinuses. Nitric oxide functions to destruct 
viruses, parasitic organisms, and malignant cells in the airways and lungs
 by inactivating their respiratory chain enzymes.
Eat whole
Trytophan is an essential amino acid that regulates serotonin in the brain, meaning that this mighty amino acid has the ability to make you feel good and keep the winter blues at bay.  Try foods like quinoa, raw pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds. 
Its only natural in winter to crave warmer heavier foods, these foods warm from the inside, they also have a tendency to make people tired because alot of energy is diverted to  the digestive tract for digestion. Despite the need for warm foods be sure to include raw greens everyday. A green smoothie or a green juice will leave you feeling light and full of energy as well as nourishing you with vitamins and minerals. Try it for a week and see how you feel....the difference is amazing!
 This week we are all about green, check out our new recipes this week for green foods and enjoy better health.
Thank you all for your amazing support, helping to build a better food system,  



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